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Re-Imagining Cyber Security as a Core Enabler in Critical Infrastructure Resilience and Growth

The ONLY conference in Asia with a focus on critical Infrastructure cyber-protection at a strategic level with real-life CASE STUDIES in specific industries

Key Focus on Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure through Private-public partnerships, intelligence sharing, and international and regional collaboration!

Featuring Cutting-Edge Topics: Hybrid Clouds, Security analytics, Ransomware, Global Supply Chain Eco-Systems, and Cyber-Terrorism

With the unprecedented sophistication and diversity of cyber-threats, with governance APAC region being targeted 40% more than the global average, Asian governments and corporations need to more than ever equip their critical infrastructure

Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure Asia, taking place 27-28 April in Singapore, is a premier event which brings together the key governments, statuary boards, and key industry players in the industry in the Asia Pacific region.

This summit has a unique strategic focus that reveals cyber-security not as a resource burden, but a foundation for economic viability and quality of life. In particular, we bring together top-notch case studies from both ministries, government-linked companies, and private enterprises to share on capability development for sustainable protection and growth.

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This year’s conference is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Glean new perspectives from well-coordinated, cohesive, critical information infrastructure protection through public-private resource-sharing and transparency
  • Hear in-depth case studies on incidence response, business continuity  reputational risk management
  • Engage in multi-stakeholder discussions on hot topics like balancing efficiency and control in the era of innovative technologies (cloud, mobile), integrating IT into existing infrastructure, and preventing single points of failure in intelligent buildings
  • Gain comprehensive insights on achieving cyber-resilience through corporate governance,  enterprise-wide risk management and capability development 
  • Understand the impact of global interconnectivity and the de-perimeterisation of security: Supply Chain Ecosystems, Third-Party Validation, cyber-terrorism 

Hear What Our Past Attendees Have to Say

“It has been an eye opener on areas such as APTs and the opportunity to know how other countries deal with cybersecurity” Grace Huong
Principal Assistant Director, ICT Unit
Chief Minister’s Department Sarawak

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