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  • Asia Leads in Cybersecurity Board Room Awareness?Asia Leads in Cybersecurity Board Room Awareness?
    Findings from a new major survey suggest that companies in Asia have greater board level support for cybersecurity related issues than in other parts of the world. Can this be true? To find out, we dig into the data of PwC’s The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016 to see what answers we can infer for the Asia region.
  • It’s Time for Companies to Rethink CybersecurityIt’s Time for Companies to Rethink Cybersecurity
    Companies need to rethink cybersecurity and start dealing with it holistically, a shift that requires a fundamental restructuring in the way that cybersecurity is planned and implemented. To learn what this means and its implications, we spoke with Anthony Bargar, Former Senior Cyber Security Policy & Strategy Advisor US Office of the Secretary of Defense, who was the driving force in a major cybersecurity transformation at the US Department of Defense between 2005 - 2009.
  • City knowledgeCity knowledge
    There’s more to smart cities than intelligent technology – modelling, planning and management are all vital, too. Tim Hughes looks at just some of the geospatial techniques on which smart cities will be based.


  • Policy Considerations for Next Generation Cyber SecurityPolicy Considerations for Next Generation Cyber Security
    In this presentation, Dr Deeph Chana, Deputy Director Institute for Security Science and Technology at Imperial College London, outlines the changing nature of cybersecurity and their threat implications.
  • The Promise of Analytics for CybersecurityThe Promise of Analytics for Cybersecurity
    In this presentation, Dr Leong Mun Kew, Deputy Director at the Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore, describes the theory behind how analytics can help cybersecurity and why companies often struggle to implement it.
  • Cloud Computing Security – Are You Forgetting Something?Cloud Computing Security – Are You Forgetting Something?
    In this presentation, Anthony Lim, formerly of (ISC)², explains the changing landscape of cloud computing and a range of useful strategies you can implement to maintain your security.